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Founded in 1971, Applied Adhesives has grown into a premier value-added distributor of hot melt, water-based, and reactive adhesives for the packaging, paper converting, graphic arts, bottle labeling, product assembly, and woodworking industries. With access to best-in-class technologies, Applied provides its customers and the markets they serve with the most innovative and cost-efficient adhesive solutions in North America. Applied Adhesives is known as a true partner to both its suppliers and customers and is respected for the value-added services it provides

In 2012, Ward Adhesives and Applied Products – two providers of adhesives and technology for the packaging, industrial, and printing industries – merged to form Applied Adhesives. The new entity combines more than 65 years of experience.

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Quality Policy

Our goal at Applied Products, Inc. is to deliver quality products and services that meet or exceed our customer’s expectations. We are committed to the continuous improvement of customer satisfaction and our quality management system. 

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Applied Adhesives has a proud heritage of more than 65 years, combining two unique companies with decades of experience in industrial adhesives.

1971 - Skip Jewett and Bob Houston founded Applied Products as an Industrial Distributor.

1983 - Applied Products moved into the Minnetonka, Minnesota office.

1988 - Ward Adhesives began as an adhesives supplier.

1989 - Applied Products expanded the adhesive lines: bulk hot melts and liquid adhesives, epoxies, urethanes, dispensing equipment, sealants, and glue sticks.

1991 - Dan Horner joined Applied Products.

1993 - Applied Products opened the Southern California office.

2005 - Brian Webb joined Applied Products.
         - Dan and Brian purchased Applied Products.

2006 - Ward Adhesives began the ASURE hot melt line, using readily available raw materials and looking to increase performance and bond.

2011 - Applied Products expanded into the Southeast, based in Atlanta, GA.
         - Ward Adhesives opened Buffalo, NY warehouse.

2012 - Applied Products and Ward Adhesives merged to form Applied Adhesives - a nationwide manufacturer and supplier of high-quality, hot melt and liquid-based adhesives.



AP_TPG_StackedApplied also has a Thermal Products Group which offers Industrial & Commercial heat tracing, leak detection, & fire rated wiring solutions from Pentair Thermal Management (Raychem, Pyrotenax, DigiTrace & more). Our team has decades of experience designing systems for our customers all over the upper Midwest. The range of applications is vast; from roof & gutter, to sophisticated temperature sensing & monitoring systems.

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