Partners Bostik

Bostik is a longtime partner that provides excellent adhesive products, specific to food processing and can labeling. Applied Adhesives often turns to Bostik as a research and development partner as their commitment to customer success extends to a dedicated technical support team. This team, in coordination with your Applied technical support and sales team, will troubleshoot any of your adhesive challenges!

Thermogrip® Hot Melt

Bostik's THERMOGRIP® line includes products to meet a multitude of applications. The THERMOGRIP Bulk Hot Melt Adhesives offer optimum versatility, performance and economy for distributors, driven production and assembly applications. THERMOGRIP is based on APAO, SBR, SBS, SEBS, polyamide and polyester making them ideal for a wide variety of applications

Aquagrip® Water-based

Bostik's AQUAGRIP® line includes a product for virtually any liquid application. AQUAGRIP water-based adhesives are based on 100% synthetic polymers to create a wide variety of adhesive systems. Those used in the flexible packaging market include acrylic latexes that may be formulated into systems for reseal packaging. These PSA adhesives can be used to close larger packaging, allowing one to open the package repeatedly to remove individual servings.