Franklin Adhesives

Partners Franklin

Franklin Adhesives is a valued strategic partner, especially with their water-based products, difficult-to-bond applications and pressure-sensitive applications. As a leading manufacturer of industrial adhesives for the domestic and global wood furniture, millwork and engineered-lamination markets, Franklin Adhesives works with Applied Adhesives to provide quality technical support and custom formulations to our customers.

Advantage Wood Adhesives

Franklin's ADVANTAGE family of products features high performance one and two-component cross-linking PVA adhesives, offering water resistance and versatility of application. Typical uses include edge and face gluing, hot press veneering, hot press lamination, plywood, exterior grade finger joint stock and manufacture of door and window parts.

Assembly Wood Adhesives

Franklin's ASSEMBLY family is ideal for a variety of applications including tongue and groove, doweling, mortise and tenon and dovetail. These products offer a high solid content, which provides for excellent gap-filling properties. They are available in a variety of formulations designed to provide a range of assembly times and setting speeds.

Multibond Wood Adhesives

The MULTIBOND family of products features high-performance cross-linking PVA adhesives that are ideal for radio frequency gluing. Typical applications include radio frequency edge and face gluing of panels, squares and components used in furniture manufacture, as well as hot press veneering and curved plywood.

ReacTITE Wood Adhesives

Franklin's REACTITE line combines reduced processing times with unmatched durability. They offer excellent heat and solvent resistance with a high solid content. REACTITE products also enable reduced processing time and the fastest setting cold press attributes when an exterior water-resistant bond is needed.

Titebond Wood Adhesives

Franklin's TITEBOND family of products introduced the high performance aliphatic resins that are preferred by fine-furniture and cabinet manufacturers, and professional wood craftsman throughout the country. They offer excellent creep-resistance results in fewer visual defects caused by joint movement.

Acrynax Pressure Sensitive Adhesives

ACRYNAX products are technically advanced products that can be used as a PSA or as an additive, blended with other polymers. These products are thermally stable at the suggested application temperature of 350°F. They simplify the coating process and eliminate the need for expensive drying equipment. Additionally, these polymers have excellent water, solvent, U.V. and plasticizer resistance.

Covinax Pressure Sensitive Adhesives

The COVINAX family of products consists of emulsion polymers and formulated PSA's that can be specifically created for permanent, removable and specialty applications. They offer a variety of properties, such as heat resistance, freezer-grade properties, all-temperature requirements, high blush, water resistance and more.

Micronax Pressure Sensitive Adhesives

MICRONAX products are repositionable microsphere adhesives. This growing line of products has found a home in marketing applications, mailing applications, advertisements, mounting, custom-size adhesive papers, art supplies, scrap booking photo albums and wall decals. Although they are microscopic in size, these spheres are still much larger than the emulsion particles found in conventional adhesives. The size difference has a dramatic impact on adhesive tack. By forming a discontinuous film, microsphere adhesives limit physical contact, resulting in low peel, removability and stable tack over time. Emulsion adhesives, on the other hand, use smaller particles, which coalesce into a continuous film and do not allow for easy removal or repositioning.