Applied Adhesives FAQ's:

Q: Is one packaging adhesive the same as another?A: No. There are many different formulations to meet your specific end use requirements.
Q: Do you offer FDA regulated food safe adhesives?A: Yes, several types. The majority of our hot melt packaging adhesives are FDA approved.
Q: What is the top brand of hot melt?A: Depends on your performance requirements. Let us recommend a product that is best for your application.
Q: Do you offer freezer grade hot melt?A: Yes, several. Contact us for all available options.
Q: Why is the hot melt charring in my glue pot?A: There could be multiple reasons as to why your glue is charring. Here are a few of the most common explanations:
  • Using a low quality, unstable, hot melt
  • Heat is too high for the hot melt chemistry
  • Glue sat too long in the pot before use
  • Not enough glue/adhesive the pot
Q: How does char form?A: It’s a simple recipe of Oxygen, Heat, and Time. Have too much of these and you’ll get char build-up.
Q: How to prevent glue char?A: There could be several reasons:
  • Use hoses that are well insulated
  • Do not deviate from recommended application temperature.
  • Don’t let your adhesive sit and cook in the pot before use (approx. 3 hours)
  • Upgrade to a Nordson hot melt delivery system
Q: How do I prevent pop-opens?A: There could be several reasons:
  • Ensure the proper amount and location of adhesive is being applied accurately, more is usually not better!
  • Call one of our Technicians to schedule a process audit
Q: Why are my boxes popping open?A: There could be several reasons; however here are a few common explanations:
  • Not enough adhesive
  • Not position correctly on the box
  • Wrong adhesive for the application
  • Poor compression
  • Difficult recycled box board stock
  • Slow set speed
  • Adhesive not being applied at the proper temperature
Q: Why are my bottle labels flagging?A: There could be several reasons:
  • Inconsistent adhesive application (worn pallet)
  • Brushes or compression not set-up properly
  • Incorrect adhesive
  • Cold, wet bottles
  • Difficult coating on bottles
Q: How do I prevent flagging labels?A: There are several solutions:
  • Use the correct adhesive/glue
  • Use proper glue film thickness
  • Adjust compression
  • Use a tackier adhesive
  • Check label for proper humidity content
  • Check label for grain direction
Q: What causes flagging labels?A: There could be several reasons:
  • Excessive adhesive
  • Not enough adhesive/tack
  • Stiff, dry, and/or wrong grain direction label stock
  • Poor compression
  • Transfer mechanism not properly contacting labels

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Q: Why do my glue nozzles plug/clog?A: Depending on the applicator char may be forming inside which has then created a blockage/clog.
Q: What is the typical shelf life for a general purpose hot melt adhesive?A: Typical shelf life for a general purpose hot melt adhesive can range from 2 years, however if properly stored, longer.
Q: What is trouble free hot melt?A: Trouble free hot melt is designed to not have char, excellent machining, good combination of heat and cold resistance. Excellent bond strength on difficult substrates and low cost of ownership.
Q: What is chemical resistance?A: Ability of solid materials to resist damage by chemical reactivity or solvent action.
Q: How can I track the amount of glue I’m using (or putting down)?A: Installing a Nordson Freedom system with an Eco Bead controller is a great place to start! The Eco Bead controller allows you to dial into adhesive savings with different patterns and bead stiching. Another way is to schedule an adhesive line audit with one of our trained technicians 800.365.2480
Q: What’s the difference between glue and adhesive?A: Most people use the words interchangeably and it’s not necessarily incorrect. The differences lay on the technical or chemistry end of things. Glues and adhesives do the same thing, make stuff stick together. The shortest answer is; nothing… just personal preference. Po-tato, Po-tahto!
Q: I need a custom formulation for my application, what are my options?A: If we're unable to match up an adhesive solution in our existing line that meets your performance requirements, we can explore custom formulation options.
Q: Where can I find Safety Data Sheets for your adhesive products? A: You can request any of our (M)SDS and TDS documents in the form below or via email:

Applied Adhesives takes the safety of their customers very seriously. If you're in need of the latest SDS or TDS for product(s) you've purchased from us, please fill out the form below to the best of your knowledge.
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