Part Labeling

Customer Industry: Part Labeling


A potential customer in the part labeling industry had been using a competitor's product that was being discontinued. The customer's entire product line was built around specific properties provided by the previously used adhesive. The customer was in need of a semi pressure-sensitive adhesive that would peel cleanly from the substrate, while providing some unique stenciling capabilities.

Additionally, the end product needed to have the ability to be removed without leaving residue, yet seal as needed during the stencil labeling procedure.

Applied Adhesives Solution:

Applied's experts made a custom formulation using a sample of the current finished product. Using feedback from the customer, as well as from one of  the customer's major end customers, Applied was able to provide a product with the optimum adhesion and release combination.


Applied gained a new customer who said the company saved his business. Applied's adhesive provided the exact properties to fit this customer's specific needs and also gave the customer peace of mind by eliminating any uncertainty regarding product availability.

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