Summit _carton2As the packaging industry changes, Applied Adhesives changes with it. We have the industry's most effective adhesive portfolio to solve the most difficult packaging designs and production demands.

We also offer glue for standard, commodity applications found throughout the packaging industry.

Additionally, Applied Adhesives offers its premier hot melt product line, ASURE. Using some of the most refined adhesive raw materials available, ASURE is scientifically formulated to increase bond strength, improve adhesive mileage and reduce hot melt usage..



Case and Carton Seal >

350F Application Temp


Low Temp

  • PE Metallocene Based
  • Low Application Temp
  • ASURE Low Temp Case and Carton Seal CC-9250 


High Temp Resistance


Direct Food Contact

  • Block Co-Polymer Based
  • EVA Based


Freezer Grade


Meat Packing

  • Wax Coated Corrugate


Foil Laminated Carton

  • Rubber Based EVA
  • PE Based
Hot Pick Up >
  • ASURE Hi-Speed Bottle Labeling (CC1443)
  • ASURE Sensitive, Difficult-to-Bond Labels (BL1933-PLW)
  • Standard – Water White
  • Permanent
  • Permanent or Oily, Wet or Cold Cans
  • Standard – Gum Rosin
  • Standard – Rosin Ester
Ream Wrap >
  • PE Metallocene Based
  • Block Co-Polymer Based
International Paper Climacoat Series >
  • Climacoat 5
  • Climacoat 6


Packaging Case Studies