ASURE Hi-Speed Bottle Labeling

BottelabelingASURE's hi-speed bottle labeling product solves those difficult labeling applications where the combination of heat resistance and strength are required.

The CC1443 reduces waste by eliminating flagging through superior bond strength. Enables exact label placement of common or difficult substrates. And its high heat resistance is ideal for improved beverage warehousing and provides confidence for shipping finished bottles to all climates, warm or cold.

There are three viscosity versions of CC1443. Let your Applied Adhesives expert help you select the right product for your labeling operation based upon your label substrate, line speed, and the equipment specifications.

Viscosity -curve

The CC1443 adhesive is the bottle labeling industry’s performance hot melt designed for bottled water, juice, carbonated and hot fill beverages on a wide range of substrates; from paper to poly to metallic labeling materials.

For use on all hot melt labeling equipment including high speed swirl spray, pattern jet, high speed rotary pick-up and/or lap applications, and roll through.

Applied _ASURE®About ASURE®


ASURE® is Applied Adhesives premiere hot melt product line. Using the some of the most refined adhesive raw materials available, ASURE® was scientifically formulated to increase bond strength, improve adhesive mileage and reduce hot melt usage.

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