Water Based Adhesives

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Applied offers a full line of water-based adhesives that include resins, dextrin's and emulsions. Whether your adhesive application system extrudes, sprays or roll-applies, we've got the right viscosity and water-based polymer to bond your materials. From label lap to corrugate lap to laminating, we've got you covered for all adhesive applications for liquid bonded substrates.

Some applications are challenging and some are not. Whatever the application, manufacturing process, substrate or end use, Applied will find the water-based adhesive that performs to your standards.




Base Polymer Platform for Water Based Adhesive Formulation
Dextrin Low Cost Paper to Paper Laminations
PVA Low Residual Monomer Levels, Water Soluble Book Binding, Bag Manufacturing, Wood Assembly, Envelopes
VAE Good Wet Tack, Fast Speed of Set Lap Paste for Cans/Bottles, Glue Lap for Corrugated
VAA Excellent Adhesion to Difficult Substrates Labeling, Tapes




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